Adrian L. Bermeo

b. 1989, NYC

Based in NYC


Latin American contemporary artist living and working in his native home, New York City.  With a layered process displaying  organic forms, bold lines and heavy paint strokes, Bermeo's language speaks through textures of color and planned compositions.  Known for overlapping shapes and figures, some pieces may be interpreted as objects in daily life within the imagination of the artist himself.  Illustrating methodically through bursts of inspiration, his abstract expressionism embodies many elements in life he finds most electric. 


On a daily basis I like to claim, "Imperfection is my profession". Keeping it truthful from artist to audience, I aim to let my work be genuine and thought provoking. Many of my recent pieces are narratives for what we as people transmit to one another. Though my abstract forms may represent people, places or things, these stories relate to releasing our egos and differences. Seeing beauty in the uncommon and witnessing how ideas can clash or interact in daily situations. As a painter, I have felt obligated to begin theses dialogs.  It is in that moment where I feel I've done my job in making you think as a person and begin the conversation.  At this point in my life, I move that we all learn from one another and listen when the Universe is speaking. Life is now.